Holographic Rifle Pusher

Where to begin?

  • Unattached blocks outside of your power grid are now pushed by block ships instead of damaging them (unless they are trapped). I finally figured out an elegant way to do it, so now you can make less sacrifices building ships.
  • Dock and backfire warnings: In addition to danger tiles, you now get prompts for dockable blocks and guns that will backfire. This should make managing large ships easier.
  • Holo block. This disguises itself as a power cell and then projects an illusion of surrounding weapons. Obstacles will disrupt the illusion and damage to the block disables it for 1 turn. The effect on the player is that it provokes caution. The effect on the enemy is that the illusion tells the enemy AI it is dangerous, back off! I've halved the alpha on the player's illusion and added a wipe effect so you can figure out what's real. This causes an issue with enemy holo blocks, in that the wipe hides their illusion as well. But I like the utility of it, so it stays. This originally was going to be a cloaking device, but removing information from the screen for the player is quite hard. Pasting over it on the other hand is quite easy.
  • Rifle block. Fires a shot that moves 2 tiles each turn for 4 turns. It's very hard to avoid and I'll need to rework the AI before I can offer the enemy a way to dodge, so it's top tier. Press P to open the editing palette if you want to try it.

Various fixes have also been made. Enemy progression jiggled around a bit more - I'm going to add more ship designs so it's going to wonky for a while. 

More features still to add.

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