Expect bugs, updates on the way.

Use cursor keys or WASD to move / dock / ram. Press space to fire / activate.

You lose fuel each turn. Ram green asteroids and collect the green + tokens.

Add green blocks to your ship by moving into them. Blocks can only be added on the blue grid around your ship.

The goal is to get 4 indestructible blocks back to the space station you start at. Look at your "dest" to figure out where the nearest one is.

This game is a successor to East Bagel Ship


New block types. New phenomena. Space monsters. Space stations. Detailed log of journey on death. Fixing bugs.


This is an alpha build. A map editing palette can be toggled active by pressing P. The icons at the top are your current brush, a button to change default brush direction, and a button to change damage on brush blocks.

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