Expect bugs, updates on the way.

Use cursor keys or WASD to move / dock / ram. Press space to fire / activate.

You act 1st, so use the fire button to wait until an enemy is adjacent to ram it before it can ram you. Guns will backfire if they are obstructed, get next to an enemy gun to defend yourself from it. Melee weapons cannot be obstructed.

You lose fuel each turn. Ram green asteroids and collect the green + tokens. Look at the ray-dar border for clues on what is far away. Travel far enough and you may be able to steal a Yendorium Reactor [Y] to help with fuel.

Add green blocks to your ship by moving into them. Blocks can only be added on the blue grid around your ship. Add a power cell block to extend the blue grid (look for enemy ships that are unusually big or long).

The goal is to get 4 indestructible blocks back to the space station you start at. Look at your "dest" to figure out where the nearest one is.

This game is a successor to East Bagel Ship


New block types. New phenomena. Space monsters. Space stations. Detailed log of journey on death. Fixing bugs.

Published 15 days ago
Tagsblocks, Endless, Roguelike, Space, Turn-Based Combat, Unity

Development log


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Decent update. I'll have to play more to have a real opinion, but ti's looking good. Have you thought about releasing it as a downloadable? I'd love to play it offline, even if it's just a locally-hosted copy of the webpage.

Also, a minor bug, but it seems like the game is slightly too tall to fit on the page without zooming out.

Fuel's a bit too common in the early game now, though. Perhaps you could make it so that fuel occurrence increase somewhat as distance from spawn increases? Either way, making it both more common and more fuel-giving makes it a bit overkill. Just making fuel blocks mor would be common was enough; how much fuel fuel blocks give and starting fuel should be like it used to be.

A downloadable is a bit too much work at this early stage. If I release downloadables then I’m going to charge money for it. Not much but it’s tedious to do and makes updating the game a miserable chore (I know this well from other games I’ve made).

Making it easier to get fuel further out defeats the point of getting a Yendor block to give you infinite fuel.  I agree the fuel is currently too generous. I’ll try some more adjustments, but the next update involves macguffin blocks you need to seek out for a win condition. It totally changes the way you play when you have a destination so the importance of fuel may yet evolve.

Yeah, this could be a pretty decent commercial roguelike.

Fuel isn't common enough once you get far from the base, due to enemies bogging you down.

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Personally I rarely have trouble with fuel so long as I'm actively looking for it. But I can increase the reward from fuel and start the fuel warning sooner in the next update. I've got a quick idea for laser drills I want to try.