Comets and Worms

A lot of internal changes as well as some new features.

This update's new block is the comet-fac. It launches comets. Try it out, there's one spawned near the station.

On your journey you will also encounter space worms. These now precede the death clouds as they are mostly benign obstacles but are unpredictable and may ram you.

The macguffins have been pushed a bit further out. Chunk spawning (how the map generates new content) has had a huge overhaul. Enemy ships are now split into 2 tiers, elites that hold power blocks and enemy bagel ships. Connectivity checks in bagel ships have been overhauled - originally they updated the whole ship every time a block died. This sounds fine until complicated builds snap themselves in two in the middle of iterating through all of their blocks. Some blocks would skip a beat, some would fire twice, chaos. Still some glitches but getting more stable.

Which I'm going to need if I want to tackle tractor beams. I don't want to just grab something, I want to use it as well. Shooting a ship apart, grabbing its power block, then assembling a sister ship at range. A linear extension of the power block. Even if I limited the range it could still result in some fun builds and terrifying enemies.

Apologies for the wonky resolution. I was finding it quite hard to cope when my ship got big so I needed to zoom out a few tiles. I will probably do a big overhaul on art to take the resolution up to 12x12 from 8x8. I have tool tips in mind, but some bigger art would allow a bit more expression.

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