I wanted to introduce clouds of death into the game as a general hazard you would have to fly around. Only when I thought: This would make a great block, did I change the design. Clouds are allied to you or the enemy, allowing one to hide in an allied cloud. Travel far enough and they will be a blight on your progress. But you can also equip a nano-fac to create your own clouds of death. I've spawned one next to the station for you to try out. It's like being a squid, you squirt out a cloud and can use it to cover your escape.

As well as a lot of bug fixes, I made huge nerfs to the progression of enemies. Far fewer enemy bagel ships will spawn. Ship-fac has been promoted to the top of the upgrade tree after I was murdered by an enemy ship boasting an array of them. I still need to work on progression of power cells - right now I'm spawning them willy-nilly. It would be better if they were rationed, making the appearance of big ships feel more like boss fights with huge rewards.

I've coloured the destination counter based on a "hot or cold" system. I need a better implementation but it's less busy work trying to follow the main quest now.

As always try it out and let us know how the new block, hazards, and pacing feels.

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