This update has a win condition!

You must seek out 4 indestructible blocks and carry them home to your space station. It's obviously very unbalanced at the moment, but if you manage to complete the task, do let me know how much trouble it was. I'm concerned the very indestructibility of the blocks may make it too easy (I need to adjust the AI as well). Perhaps I can add a fuel penalty for each extra one you carry, or perhaps you might find it enough of a challenge. It will certainly be nice to fly home whilst impervious to most damage (exploding shots may still bypass the new blocks).

I've reduced starting fuel by 50 so it's more of a concern. Fuel reward from green rocks remains the same, but one less rock will spawn per chunk. I'm going for a feel of not worrying about your fuel until you get caught up in a big fight, then when you seek out fuel rock it will give you enough to get to the next chunk and hopefully some more rocks.

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