v2.0 Mail Menagerie

This update revises the character sheet into something tidier, adds a Nature section to character creation that suggests alternatives to playing mice, and a section with advice on how to run a play by post game.

Now that I've been running a game of the latest rules it's what I want to stick to. So I've removed the old branch with all the questions and scene ratings.

My only reservation with the system for now is that it's quite generic - opposed to systems that emphasise the theme of the story through their mechanics. I'm on the fence whether this is a bad thing. The rules feel right for mice delivering post as they are non confrontational, managing a resource has that effect on people. I prefer this subtlety as opposed to: when you deliver the mail mark an experience point.


Mail Mouse Character Sheet 50 kB
Jan 30, 2021
Mail Mouse Rules 90 kB
Jan 30, 2021

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