v1.6 Recipe for Success

Explaining the difference between 2 successes and 1 success on Tasks always took a couple of paragraphs.

Now there's just 1 success that you need. You pay 2 pips for it (1 pip if you have a Descriptor that describes what you're doing). Extra successes give advantages as normal and cost 1 pip each. You can still donate as normal and that includes paying towards someone's 1st success.

Failures are also simplified. A Failure removes 1 success - there's no rating involved. Failures were always pretty powerful at their 1st rank so there's really no need for stronger versions.

I've also updated the explanation of Tasks to describe the general flow of play: The GM haggles with the players presenting complications that they try to work through, and eventually they need to perform a Task to move forwards. 2 Tasks per scene is normal.

Hopefully this should make the rules much easier to explain in future. It makes very little difference to how I've been running it, apart from when I need to explain how a Task works.


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Jul 15, 2020
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