v1.4 Removing Belief and Instinct

This update includes adds difficulty settings and removes Belief and Instinct.

No one gets Belief and Instinct. Most testers just chose to describe their trait and skill Descriptors with them. By changing the reward for Belief and Instinct to trait and skill you get pretty much the same outcome. And there's less rules to explain. You now get pips for using your trait and skill Descriptors in tasks or for roleplaying them. See the Pip Review section in the rules. The character sheet is now a bit smaller as a result.

In the current game everyone receives far more pips than they need. For players who want a stress free ride this just what they're looking for. The GM may assume the abundance of pips means they need to assign more Tasks. I've added a Survival mode to make expectations clearer.

In addition to the Stamps being revised for Belief and Instinct being removed, there is an extra stamp to collect. You can get one for donating a pip - players enjoy this mechanic so it should be rewarded. Not wanting to leave solo players behind, you can get this Stamp instead for playing a solo Scene with a GM. This also provides a reward for side quests in a game with more than one player.


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May 24, 2020
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May 24, 2020

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