v1.3 How to Perform a Contest

This update provides more detail on character creation, Tasks, and Contests.

I felt that the rules for making a character should explain traits and skills as well as go through the process a little slower.

Triggering a Task needed to be defined as well as the GM adding complications to Tasks performed with one success.

Contests were lacking any definition at all. Codifying them as a bidding war where two sides take discrete turns makes my expectations clearer. I've also made Contests require the consent of the group to play. Most games assume player vs player or antagonistic GMing won't take place. Leaving it to the reader to figure it out for themselves the hard way. I would prefer to present a system that can be used to explore conflict, but you have all say yes to using it. A great stories could be told of rivalries or outwitting predators with Contests, but without consent it's just a robbery.


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May 02, 2020

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