v1.8 Carry Only What You Need

"Did you tell the required story?" seemed to me like a great basis for a reward. As it did to Luke Crane (and Adam Koebel). This basis for reward is in Mouse Guard, Dungeon World, and numerous other games.

Only when I applied it to a play by post game did it take on an unpleasant nature. I felt like I was marking homework. I was forced to scroll up through the history of the game and check every post made. Did we tell the required story? Not only was it a chore but sometimes rolegate.com can be a bit buggy and the history of the game wouldn't load. It's such a glib assumption that the history of one's game will always be there to review, so we will be able to answer if we told the required story.

It's a bad fit for play by post, and it's a bad fit for a relaxing game that isn't asking for your best performance. Players now receive 2 pips per Scene, no questions asked.

There are also a few other features of Mail Mouse that weren't working out. Scene ratings were awkward and Descriptor scores have never been used. The stamp questions are yet another kind of homework so I've scrapped them in favour of giving out 1 stamp for each pip spent. More Descriptors cost the amount of Descriptors you currently have times 2. The hope is that by tying stamps directly to pips it does what Scene ratings failed to do by replacing the stick with a carrot.

This is by far the simplest edition of Mail Mouse. Reducing a lot of the work required to run or explain it.


Mail Mouse Rules v1.8 101 kB
Dec 27, 2020
Mail Mouse Character Sheet v1.9 51 kB
Dec 27, 2020

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