This is a mix of a roguelike and a multiple choice text-adventure. You play a kobold testing a dungeon. The dungeon is randomly generated, or perhaps it's just the fact that it was made by kobolds.

The version on this page is a basic version of the full game, lacking features and content (ie: more rooms, I'm still making them).

Each room in the dungeon is essentially a mini-game made with Ink, a narrative scripting language. Aside from the beginning and end the rooms are drawn randomly from 3 decks: passages, gates, and keys. 

I've uploaded some early drafts of these games so you can see how the dungeon is put together.


ink files from original prototype 8 kB
Win - version 2 (not current) 17 MB
Mac - version 2 (not current) 19 MB

Development log


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This is extremely cool. The English is not too hard for a non native speaker like me yet elaborate enough to give a feeling of actually playing a pen and paper RPG. 
You just created the roguelike of my dreams, I often fantasized of creating something like this.
Thank you for this game I'll follow it!

EDIT: I just saw that you also are the creator of Ending and Red Rogue! Two great games! Please don't let Kobold Dungeon Tester on the side for other projects too long. ;)

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Amazing game! A dungeon crawler with adventure game like descriptions! Very Nice!
Is it possible to move the text at the bottom of the screen instead at the top? Or at least put a settings option so we can change it... As it is now it seem weird with the graphics at the bottom and the text-interaction at the top!

I have tested your game on my Nokia 6.1 and it works OK! The main thing is that the UI problem that I have mentioned above is even more prominent on a mobile phone especially one with >5 inches since your hand must travel to the top of the screen in order to select a choice!

Cheers. Will add some UI config options after I’ve finished writing more rooms, and experiment with alternate layouts.