This is a mix of a roguelike and a multiple choice text-adventure. You play a kobold testing a dungeon. The dungeon is randomly generated, or perhaps it's just the fact that it was made by kobolds.

The version on this page is the current demo of the full game. Which is still being made.

Each room in the dungeon is essentially a mini-game made with Ink, a narrative scripting language. Aside from the beginning and end the rooms are drawn randomly from 3 decks: passages, gates, and keys. The game plays fresh rooms until you've played them all. In the full game the last room drawn will reveal what the adventure was all about.


Windows 15 MB

Development log


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This is extremely cool. The English is not too hard for a non native speaker like me yet elaborate enough to give a feeling of actually playing a pen and paper RPG. 
You just created the roguelike of my dreams, I often fantasized of creating something like this.
Thank you for this game I'll follow it!

EDIT: I just saw that you also are the creator of Ending and Red Rogue! Two great games! Please don't let Kobold Dungeon Tester on the side for other projects too long. ;)

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Amazing game! A dungeon crawler with adventure game like descriptions! Very Nice!
Is it possible to move the text at the bottom of the screen instead at the top? Or at least put a settings option so we can change it... As it is now it seem weird with the graphics at the bottom and the text-interaction at the top!

I have tested your game on my Nokia 6.1 and it works OK! The main thing is that the UI problem that I have mentioned above is even more prominent on a mobile phone especially one with >5 inches since your hand must travel to the top of the screen in order to select a choice!

Cheers. Will add some UI config options after I’ve finished writing more rooms, and experiment with alternate layouts.