Writing branching stories is hard. It's like writing normally but then you have to rewrite everything because it doesn't match the flow of a parallel timeline. Or at least I do.

My last big redraft made me realise that the paragraphs in each room are getting longer and longer. The interactions more complex. Previous I.F. projects took me a month. This has taken a year and the writing is still less than 40% done. Not that it isn't fun to write, but I make a lot of excuses not to do it. Unlike other projects I do in my spare time I keep procrastinating with this one. I took a break to work on some Pico 8 projects and worked day and night on them. Then I returned to this, and I thought, "I wonder what RPG I'll play next?" and promptly went shopping so I could avoid working on the game.

Some writers pinged me early on when I showed a demo of this. Then they slid right back into the shadows and never spoke of the game again.

I don't have much in the way of social skills so I'm not sure what the hell that was about. Usually people say, "hey, this is cool". Then you post some updates and if you're going the right way they'll give you a thumbs up. Either I've slowly been ruining this project right from the start or perhaps these people were hitting me up for a writing gig. I mean, the writing is the only fun bit of the project, I might be struggling with it but I sure as hell don't want to be "relieved of the burden".

For the benefit of those who may have wanted to use my framework to make their own adventure, I've uploaded the source code of the game thus far to Github. If people are interested in making their own text-roguelike in this model, I've given you a head start.

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