The huge main quest idea just didn't feel right when I tried to write it. The story is a series of bottle episodes, and each one suffers when it has to pay lip service to a season arc. It also makes it a big story to play once, not a nice little story generator you can rely on for ten minutes of fun.

So I've downscaled the plot to the player being a contractor, and testing the dungeon is how they get paid. In nearly all of the rooms I've added hidden gold coins. They serve to give you a score and some reward for full exploring a room. Repeat trips into the dungeon can be used to get more gold, with the risk of having less luck. Hopefully I can get my dungeon generator working with multiple gates and keys so escape is no longer so easy.


I thought I was being really clever by having luck hidden and stamina explained. But if luck affects stamina, then stamina is hidden as well. So the player gets really confused. I've changed luck to be visible and you get a message when you affect it - but you will still have to guess if your luck will intervene.


Stamina points are now called Effort. I feel this makes it more colloquial to read and skim readers who glaze over the opening rules won't be confused by "sp".

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