A Lick of Paint

I've done a lot of work on rooms, the map, and UI:

  • Draggable map.
  • Options can be selected with number keys. The exit option responds to WASD and arrow keys. Space also selects option 1, if available.
  • Map art fully redrawn with transition animations.
  • Icons for the stats.
  • Over 40 rooms have been made.
  • There's a placeholder for the menu button - I haven't made that yet.

This demo only has 29 of the passages made so far. Some new, many old (but subject to many redrafts). I'm going to hold back the rest as I don't want to spoil everything.

Goto the game page if you want to play it. I've updated the desktop browser build but not the others (still more work to do). Click the "download now" button and scroll up.

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