The Maze Builders of Kreik have tasked you with seeing how deadly their latest labyrinth is.

Content Warning: Descriptions of gruesome deaths. No sex or swearing.


This is a multiple choice text roguelike. In addition to clicking an option you can use numbered keys (1-9) to select options or use Space / Return keys to select the 1st option.

What to Expect

  • Can be completed in less than half an hour.
  • Does not save progress.
  • 33 rooms to discover - if you restart you will only visit fresh rooms until it runs out.
  • Ask the guard at the entrance of the labyrinth if you want some tips.

This uses a lot of content from a previously shelved project called Kobold Dungeon Tester, though all of the rooms have been re-written to support the new rules and story in this adventure.


The following works provided a lot of inspiration and guidance throughout making this piece. If you like Kobold Crawl, you should check them out.

The Stygian Library
The Gardens of Ynn
Volo's Guide to Monsters
The works of Sir Terry Pratchett
A Rasp of Sand

Source Code

Perhaps you'd like to make a depth crawl too. You can check out the source code for this project here:

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Tagsinkle, kobold, labyrinth, maze, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Roguelite, Text based


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Ah sweet, an NSR text adventure! This was a lot of fun.

Cool game. Maybe make a 3d adventure version or ask someone to, because it's a BEAUTY!

I wanted to learn how to use inklewriter and looking for examples I found this. Absolutely fab! So much fun and the humour was great, though I don't know why rhyming gets so much hate!

Very fun game!

You left the labyrinth with:

3 stamina points.

23 gold coins.

2 golden apples.

An all-labyrinths VIP pass.

A stone.

A lucky glass eye.

A blue-shifted falconsloth feather.

The name of the wind.

A pinch of salt.

And was enlightened 12 times.

A good and fun little game. Hope to see more!

This was such a cool game to play! I like that there were some rooms that you could pass through without luck and some that needed luck. This was very calming to play. Thank you for making this!  <3<3<3

You left the labyrinth with:

4 stamina points.

12 gold coins.

A golden apple.

An all-labyrinths VIP pass.

A lucky glass eye.

A blue-shifted falconsloth feather.

A chip off the old block.

And was enlightened 6 times.

Thank you for playing.

Awesome upgrade to Kobold Dungeon Tester! Because I'd feel wrong without making at least one annoyingly pedantic note, there's a typo in the library room with the Get Rich Quick book (it says "togeher" in one spot when it should say "together").

Seriously though, I love this


This is delightful! And of course I forgot to copy my accomplishments before closing the tab.

I did grab a chip off the old block and was quite pleased to have found the Name of the Wind, though.

(1 edit) (+3)

You left the labyrinth with:

5 stamina points.
20 gold coins.
(5 of them are pixelated.)
And was *** 9 times.

really curious about what'd have happened if I'd gone into the click room again. the mechanic of not revisiting rooms is quite nice, respectful of player time!