Quality of Life [Alpha 24]

Some clever people have played Unending and asked for some small changes. This update brings you these features.

This includes things like: Holding down undo to keep undoing (same for redo), restarting from the death prompt, skipping the level end animation, fixing the blurry graphics on big screens, and other small issues.

For now, I will continue to revise the puzzle campaign and add more puzzles.


pc-alpha-24.zip 50 MB
Apr 25, 2022

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I love that this game's still getting some love. It's crazy to think I first played Ending in middle school. You make some really cool stuff!


Time to fire up unending again !


I'm writing up a Credits page for Unending. Considering you've given us a lot of input, what do I put your name in as?

Hey thanks !
Well. Flap would be nice.

Just "Flap"?

eeer... Well for me it is perfect.