Ending [32]

This update brings a number of changes to UI, controls, and levels.

  • A help prompt for controls can now be summoned with the H key.
  • Edit mode is now toggled by pressing Ctrl + Alt + E on the title screen.
  • Redo and Replay have been swapped, so I only need to explain one of them.
  • A 4-turn move counter has been added to the clock widget, so you can plan around spawners.
  • Puzzle levels have been rearranged slightly - apologies for broken saves but I needed to make room to grow. Please use the C key to skip any worlds you should have completed.

Finally, all levels from Ending have been imported into the puzzle campaign in their own world. Some alterations were required where puzzles became trivial or impossible in the new engine. But most levels function just the same as they did before - with the addition of undo.

The "alpha" status has also been removed. Unending is more or less in its final form - that being an anthology that keeps growing. From now on the version number will be visible on the title screen.


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Jul 16, 2023

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