Puzzles 0.2 [Alpha 23]

This update overhauls the puzzle campaign and fixes many small bugs.

The abundance of mechanics requires a non-linear way to explore them. So I've scrapped all the previous UI for puzzle selection and replaced it with a world map. This supports maps within maps.

There is now a "sketch" of the puzzle campaign to play through. This includes a selection of levels from my #UnendingDaily tweets and levels from the demo. As I make new levels and mechanics I hope to refine this map into something deeper and more polished.

If you find a level or world map disagreeable you can press the secret skip button (C) to mark it skipped and unlock new levels.

Unfortunately there is no prize at the end of the campaign just yet, that's for a future update.


pc-alpha-23.zip 50 MB
Apr 17, 2022

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