Flood and Colour [Alpha 18]

This update adds variable flood and colour themes.

Flood is the name for the area around the player that is active. Only pieces in this space can act. This has been fixed to 5 steps - as it was in Ending. There's many more puzzles and dungeons possible with a variable flood, so I've made this change to the engine. Expect new #UnendingDaily levels to take advantage of this.

I'm undecided on Unending's colour palette, so I decided to stay that way. Unending now supports new themes by way of a palette swap.

For now I've only implemented 2 themes. The current one and one that matches this game's prequel (try the Ending dungeon). Expect more in the future and eventually custom themes.


pc-alpha-18.zip 48 MB
Aug 06, 2021

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