Redo [Alpha 15]

This update adds redo and replay.

Currently the Z, key performs undo. So X does redo, and C does replay. If you're playing with an XBox controller, X and Y perform these actions.

Redo does pretty much what it says. You can now scrub back and forth through the history of a game. Replay acts out actions you've previously performed - letting you see who did what.

This was rather tricky to implement as this new power helped me discover bugs that had been lying dormant, and I got side-tracked fixing the level editor and revamping the undo animation.

You can also see The Thief in the dungeon list - but it's not finished. It's not a big secret so there's no need to hide it. Rest assured it's going to go through a lot of changes. I'm just taking my sweet time thinking about them.

For the next update I'd like to add some new tokens I've thought of.

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Jun 12, 2021

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