Mines [Alpha 10]

This update adds the Mine. Like a Powerup it self destructs when walked into. It attacks whoever steps on it. This allows for new scenarios where backtracking results in destruction. It also means a push attack occurs when the mine has the Wall passive - creating some recursive events similar to the Bomb.

For the next update I've be reviewing the art as I'd like to improve the readability of elements.

But chiefly I want to take a look at the Player. It currently uses a Walker's logic. Although currently unsupported, it could feasibly use others - it would allow for a lot of new puzzles and dungeons.


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Mar 20, 2021

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"This allows for new scenarios where backtracking results in destruction."

At first, I missunderstood and thought that it would break the time symmetry when rewinding. It could be an interresting mecanism... (But would require some design to not be too confusing)