Ending [Alpha 9]

This update brings a mildly faithful recreation of Ending to play as well as the usual Endless mode. The Endless option on the title screen is now replaced with Dungeons - leading to the dungeon selection screen.

As one will find playing Ending, Endless could probably do with fewer elements. But I would rather create new dungeons that are more focused with different rules. Endless can continue to evolve and echoes of it can be shaped into something more permanent. Something I won't tamper with by adding new features.

A lot of UI work needed to be done, hence the long wait. There are likely to be some bugs or annoyances I haven't noticed yet - let me know.


pc-alpha-9.zip 44 MB
Feb 28, 2021

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Hey ! That's good to see some new progress, and to be back playing that good old Ending ! I am curious to discover those dungeons.