Automata [Alpha 7]

This update adds improvements to level generation in Endless mode.

The process for building a room involves choosing door locations, drawing paths between opposing doors, and then marking these tiles as "reserved". The rest of the tiles go into a deck and are shuffled. Then it's just a matter of drawing tiles from the deck and adding an element.

Every element is effectively sprayed across the level. This makes for good combat because there's gaps between fighters. However there aren't many corridors or structures to fight within.

So I created a cellular automata routine that would reserve clumps of tiles that I can put on top of the deck. When applied to allies and threats this made for very poor combat. But when applied to walls the level generation was vastly improved. 

Other changes include:

  • Updated hook gfx.
  • Updated powerup animation.
  • Fixed key count not updating when drag-deleting in edit mode.
  • Increased minimum room span in Endless.
  • Added shield-doors to Endless mode, increasing the difficulty of later levels.

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Nov 14, 2020

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The new hook looks really great ! I don't know if it is the new layout, but I have had a very interresting game  today, with develish spike-hooked-pusher. Reanimators are a nightmare too (in a good way).

However, I have not understood yet the purpose of the powerups. And once I have diaed of hunger and it took me while to understand what was going on...

(1 edit)

Powerups change passives. The most powerful at the moment is Hook because having a hook makes you immune on one direction.

If you enable edit mode in settings you can press P during play to experiment with this stuff.