Conversion [Alpha 6]

This update add the Converter, it switches the allegiance of elements to its own team.

The Endless mode has also been updated to add a new category of element: Traversal. Originally I broke elements into utilities and threats, but I've revised this into Allies, Threats, and Traversal. Levels are now generated with threats and allies like before, but elements that are focused specifically on movement (teleporters, scroll block, boxes, etc.) are treated as their own progression list. This makes Endless more combat focused with less chance of levels based purely around movement occurring - but also increases opportunities for escape with things like the scroll block appearing more often.

The warnings have been updated too. Previously a move that led to being walled in was not flagged. This was because being walled in is actually quite complex to detect without executing two moves in advance (eg: simply looking for walls would get a false positive from wall-powerups). But I figured out that I could get the player alone to attempt the second move, reducing the need to execute a full 16 turns in advance. The threat of being walled in now triggers a warning, letting you rethink your strategy a move earlier.

Finally, there are 256 undos now, up from 128.

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Nov 07, 2020

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I like the sound of that "transversal" allegiance. it fells more natural !

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Well... elements are still allied Us and Them. There's still value in a box with a passive that you can swap with or one the enemy won't attack.

It's just that previously I was trying to fill twos lists with baddies and goodies. And the goody list was bigger because Scroll and Box aren't a threat. I'm sure there's elements other than Scroll that could be truly of traversal allegiance, but to be honest Scroll is only neutral because allowing the enemy to use it isn't fun (you get lots of endless shoving matches).

Endless now needs a balance overhaul because it's quite messy. But I kind of like it at times so I'm going to have to figure out how to make the diversity fluctuate.

aternating with joyful pure mess, and ordered nightmares ? ;-)