Bugs and Walls [Alpha 4]

This update adds a small change to endless mode and fixes a lot of bugs.


  • Added some door variations in Endless mode as you get further in (walls either side of varying length).
  • Added key count to editing palette to help with debugging.
  • Cleaned up map screenshots to look more like their previews.


  • Changed preview gfx for Slow.
  • Fixed an overflow bug to do with sorting recycled sprites (recycled so many that the sorting order went into negative numbers).
  • Turner Helm no longer blocks an ally swap.
  • Campaign map is reloaded when dropping in / out of edit mode.
  • Turned off spawn sound for spawn-on-death elements (too noisy).
  • Bigger Virus resting frame (easier to tell apart from a Box when it has passives).
  • Changed selection sound (sounded too farty).
  • Fixed animations not being garbage collected.
  • Fixed some acting elements being able to act after being destroyed.
  • Fixed add-level button calling map preview and crashing the game.
  • Fixed endless mode becoming unplayable after saving a level in edit mode.
  • Fixed horizontal trap showing vertical trap gfx.

I hoped to add some new features and do more work on Endless mode but the amount of bugs I fixed (some which have been in the game for a long time) demanded I put out a stable build of the game before further tinkering.


pc-alpha-4.zip 42 MB
Oct 24, 2020

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