Slow [Alpha 3]

This update adds the slow element. It's a walker that moves every 2nd turn.

There's also quite a few bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added animations for all elements that may do something "on the next turn". Consistent with the new slow element, virus, spawn, and other animations.
  • Updated swap sound effect. A lot of things swap so the noise needed to be more subtle.
  • Key bugs: Editing & undo could result in incorrect key count (this is stored separate from the keys visible to save on sweeping the whole map each turn). Powerups can clear keys which wasn't being counted.
  • Path finding: Path finding flood respects walls and blockers like boxes, the active flood doesn't - so active creatures could end up without AI info. Path finding flood has been doubled to compensate.
  • Rollers were waiting for path info to move which they don't need.

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Oct 17, 2020

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Hey, the slow walker is great.
The animations make it look much better too ! I like them.

I still feel that the game the lacks an incentive to have me trying to reach deeper levels... But that's probably one thing after the other...


I have a few issues to fix that I've noticed whilst making levels, but next on the to do list is variations on the doors ie: degrees of being surrounded by wall, ally door (would need to be buried under wall or wall-ally-boxes), maybe a door that subtracts progress to let you escape to an easier room, etc.

After I'm satisfied the door variations work I'm going to look at quests for endless mode. You would start endless with an objective. Though it might be hard to have "kill X amount of Y" without knowing if Y ever gets spawned enough for a seed.

Quests look promising ;-)