Chonky Sounds

This update includes sound effects. A lot of them will be familiar. The push and spawn sound effects were impossible to improve on, so many interactions sound like they used to in Ending. Newer mechanics have their own noises to add to the chorus.

The chonky turner is now in the current build. It has two health, turning into a normal turner when hit. We had this sort of enemy in Rust Bucket and I've brought it back, but the player also gets chonky turners as well.

Sliders are back, adding a few puzzles into traversal. They can be frustrating but they also interact with decoys, allowing you to overcome situations that were impossible in Ending.

I've changed the progression to a much more complicated system. I wanted the tools to be limited - it gives the rooms a theme and makes it easier to read what's happening. Each level now draws from a limited deck of options - this progression system is built at the start of your run from the map's initial seed. It solves the current problem where eventually all assets are thrown into a room at the same time. But this still views each level in isolation, leading to strings of bad luck. The next step will be getting the current level to react to the previous one, which will be easier to appreciate when we have a few more threats and utilities.

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