UI, New glyphs, Fixes

A lot of tweaking in this update. These changes are playable in the browser version on the game page. 


  • Splitter: Splits into 3 turners on death. This has some interesting side effects when combined with passive abilities like bomb and wall.
  • Ally turner: Like a turner, but it's on your side.
  • New death & checkmate UI. You get a sort of score at the end, in the full version I'd like to provide a detailed log.


  • Fixed some issues with frame rate on the web version. Mostly involved moving to variable animation speed - which I had already set up but wasn't using for debugging purposes.
  • Doors no longer opened by explosions. Bomb bullets kept doing this, creating huge dead zones for the player.
  • Fixed traps targeting swap-walls.
  • Shuffled utility and enemy progression around. These are currently specific to a level number, I'd like them to be randomised by the initial seed as well.

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