I've uploaded a playable-in-browser build of Unending.

It's a sequel to Ending, but with many more mechanics. The engine is more advanced, allowing me to predict the outcome of future turns. This is why Unending only ends when a checkmate situation is triggered. I felt that this would be far more accessible than previous games I had made, but only a completely new engine would allow turn-prediction.

I'll be continuing to add new ideas and tweak the design of the game. I'll try to keep a free version of the game playable in the browser, but as I add more animations I'll be offering download as preferable. Once I start putting in luxury features like map editing and detailed logs of your runs I'll start charging for it.

There is no release date planned. The foundation of this project is designed to be like NetHack, always open to new ideas.

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What is this game being developed in?