No Free Rides

The AI behind the hint system is exhaustive. So much so it can prove whether any board is solvable for a new match, no point in solving it yourself. I spotted some irritation at the timed hint system on reddit after their little deluge on the game so I've restricted it to a hints button.

It's not perfect I think, but it's a good patch for now and lets pro=players get those 1000+ scores on their own merits.

Next up I've got a weird little mechanic that's a bit like the chocolate blocks in Candy Crush. They need a bit of tuning but should be in the next update. There's a lot of stuff hidden in the code that I forgot about as it's been many years since I last worked on this thing. Some good, some meh. The slot machine I found would be a laugh to have in the game but its design isn't finished and will take some wrangling. Still got sights on Android, just gotta tune the game for the best possible juice before I do that boring UI work that needs to be done.

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Sep 14, 2017

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