Now a mobile game on Android and iOS (Free to Try, and more developed gameplay). Link to store below.

Prototype of Match 3 swapping game. Move the dice-man to swap places with coins. You must make a match within 6 moves.

Match coins of the same type to create a poker hand for extra points. Gems do not match, they are collected when they hit the bottom row. Skulls will reduce your moves left to 1 if you are next to them when they match. Skulls can be disposed of in the same way as gems.

You get 3 hints for free to show you the ropes. Then you have 6 more that will only appear if you press the Help button. If no hint is available, the help button creates a bomb. After your last Help is gone, you must figure it out or wait for the cash in button.

Published Sep 10, 2017
Made withUnity
Tagscasino, coin, Dice, drop, html5, Ludum Dare 40, match3, match-3, Pixel Art, swap


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Sometimes the play button doesn't work and you have to refresh the page.

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Sorry. I can't update the prototype browser version. The current version of the game is mobile only and has many more features. I might do a downloadable desktop version in the future but it is a lot of work.

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but you can move while blocks are still moving around.

Feature. Ninja matching is kinda important at high skill level.

I’ve been totally addicted to this for the last day or two. Super good. 

Any chance a volume slider could be added?  :)

For the web version or for mobile? I'm afraid that for web I don't want to do updates as it's diverged significantly from the mobile version. Supporting both would be a lot of work.

You can turn the sound off on Chrome however by right clicking the tab - there's a mute tab option.

I've been addicted to this game for the past week or so! I like how there's an incentive to keep aiming for a higher score, as the further I go in, more mechanics seem to be added, which I find to be incredibly rewarding. I don't know if there is a manual that shows all the different pieces, but whether there is one or not doesn't impact my enjoyment at all.

A little bug I've encountered sometimes is that sometimes the option for using hints doesn't show up at all, despite having plenty in the "bank", as it were. I do not know what causes this. An addition I think would be interesting would be using the coins/money/score you've collected to "buy" an extra hint.

I've not encountered a no-hints bug. The solver sometimes takes up to 30 seconds to solve the board, though the hint button will appear after 8 seconds if it solves sooner. Are you sure you waited long enough? If it happens again and you're able to save a screenshot ( will host it for free) it would help me a lot in tracking it down.

I don't want to create a trade between score and hints - I've considered it, but the conversation that happens in your head when you play this game is crucial to its appeal ("oh no I'm dead, oh wait, yes, I'M ALIVE!"). The hints already soften this, but keep the tension ramped up. If you could always buy your way out of failure, you'd never feel the full-force-rush of figuring a way out of what you thought was death. You wouldn't push yourself as hard.

The end-game does need some work though - so there's some more mechanics and adjustments yet to come. I may implement a way to get more hints, but I want you to work for it and feel proud of yourself when you achieve it.