Block Party

The "dead coin" that is dropped at the end of each tour has been changed to a block. This block stamps a chip on to each space it stops on. Matching over a chip collects it for a point - they're basically the jellies from Candy Crush. I haven't figured out a noise for the block doing it's stamp yet. There does seem to be a whole new layer of tactics through positioning the block to stamp out a load of chips to collect. Much more fun than the dead coin - though it will kill you in the end.

Dice now spawn at a random value that caps at the number of tours or 6. This takes the pressure off later on when it starts dumping a load of 4s and makes it a bit more phew when it rolls low.

The flight of tokens to the score box has some randomisation to it now. So I've dropped the volume on the tink as it goes in - I like it when I get a flush now because it sounds more like a payout.

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Sep 29, 2017

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