Don't overwrite online files you can't test locally.

I've spent all night and morning trying to upload a build that works. My edition of Unity, or my internet connection, or perhaps itself has decided to stop the latest build working. In fact, I can't even get any old builds working either.

Please bear with me whilst I try to find a solution. If the game still works for you, let me know as I have no information as to why the game has suddenly stopped working and can only test it online.


I've updated Unity to the latest Beta. Same problem - the game can't load its files. I even tried loading Nithick's build in under a new name and that doesn't work either. I wisely didn't replace the old Nithick build - I shall make sure any web builds in future have a version number instead of replacing them.

It's looking like my internet or is the culprit. Unity I've ruled out as anything I upload breaks.

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Sep 17, 2017

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