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Really fun game, though I got into a bit of a bind. When I got the left laser, I went crazy and destroyed every wall in the room you collect the laser from. And I noticed a shortcut to the right, and knew I had to open it by coming in from the right, which I tried doing. BUT there was a secret trap that I didn't see coming. When going left into the room from the right, I stepped on the right peashooter weapon... I completely forgot that was there and was just focused on opening that shortcut... But I didn't open it, and now I've lost the laser. I tried getting back to the laser, but uh oh, I destroyed every solid block... Which kinda sounds good, but with the absolute barrage of enemies and projectiles in that room, there's now almost no cover at all. So I don't think it's really possible for me to get that laser back, oops

This is probably a totally dum mistake on my behalf, but is quite frustrating and I'm pretty sure unintended, so just wanted to report it. Despite that, I really really enjoyed the game, getting revenge with the laser is awesome!

I'll admit that this is an oversight.

However - the room is still possible to beat even after the cover has been removed. You will need collect the up-shot.

If you can clear out the first few enemies and wedge yourself here, you're covered from fire and can clear out the area (QED).

this was great! The ending was so satisfying. Would’ve loved a map and if the game was 3x this size, but it definitely left me wanting more

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Maybe make the O button for swapong weapons you have. That would just be useful, and fun.

As for how it should work, maybe a simple scroll wheel, or hit the movement direction that corispons to the weapon, and if there are 5 weapons (which I don't know because I gave up once I saw I had to pick the weapons back up) make the final one O+X

The challenge is all about not being able to shoot in a certain direction, so swapping weapons would make it too easy.

I think the sort of gameplay you're on about is more like what I did for Cardinal Gun Prospector. But it's turn based so that might not be your jam.

Looks great. I would love to play it on my RG351p handheld, but I can't find a png cart anywhere.

I have added a p8.png version to the list of downloads.


this is a good  metroidvania game! it's like  a top down shooter....and a strategy  game's difficulty  varies on the design  of the  regions you to have this concept  of  shmup..

Super fun! I loved how each weapon had a different play style, and that you had to swap back and forth between weapons to unlock different parts of the map. 

Difficulty was at a good level for me. I think it would be helpful to have a very small "mini-map" to show what room you're in, in relation to the game world. That way you can retrace your steps to find old weapons more easily, but it wasn't too hard without a map.

There is a minimap in most rooms.  Study the walls and you may find it. Making it brutally obvious where you are makes it a bit boring for me.


I saw it, and I thought it was a nice addition! Nice game, but then again, you're st33d, so what games of yours AREN'T good?

Nebula was pretty bad:

Eh, we all make mistakes sometimes.


Nicely done! Swapping rather than adding weapons changes the feel of backtracking, with some rooms that were previously dangerous now easy and vice versa.


Ooh, I like the concept a lot, although I could see the backtracking getting annoying if it were much longer. I especially like the final powerup and how it changes how you perceive the environment.

I didn't find the actual combat or enemies terribly engaging, but the level design and exploration was enough to keep me interested until the end. Good stuff!