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Maybe make the O button for swapong weapons you have. That would just be useful, and fun.

As for how it should work, maybe a simple scroll wheel, or hit the movement direction that corispons to the weapon, and if there are 5 weapons (which I don't know because I gave up once I saw I had to pick the weapons back up) make the final one O+X

The challenge is all about not being able to shoot in a certain direction, so swapping weapons would make it too easy.

I think the sort of gameplay you're on about is more like what I did for Cardinal Gun Prospector. But it's turn based so that might not be your jam.

Looks great. I would love to play it on my RG351p handheld, but I can't find a png cart anywhere.

I have added a p8.png version to the list of downloads.


this is a good  metroidvania game! it's like  a top down shooter....and a strategy  game's difficulty  varies on the design  of the  regions you to have this concept  of  shmup..

Super fun! I loved how each weapon had a different play style, and that you had to swap back and forth between weapons to unlock different parts of the map. 

Difficulty was at a good level for me. I think it would be helpful to have a very small "mini-map" to show what room you're in, in relation to the game world. That way you can retrace your steps to find old weapons more easily, but it wasn't too hard without a map.

There is a minimap in most rooms.  Study the walls and you may find it. Making it brutally obvious where you are makes it a bit boring for me.


I saw it, and I thought it was a nice addition! Nice game, but then again, you're st33d, so what games of yours AREN'T good?

Nebula was pretty bad:

Eh, we all make mistakes sometimes.


Nicely done! Swapping rather than adding weapons changes the feel of backtracking, with some rooms that were previously dangerous now easy and vice versa.


Ooh, I like the concept a lot, although I could see the backtracking getting annoying if it were much longer. I especially like the final powerup and how it changes how you perceive the environment.

I didn't find the actual combat or enemies terribly engaging, but the level design and exploration was enough to keep me interested until the end. Good stuff!