A short game experimenting with a limited move-set.

Right is right, unless blocked is down, unless blocked is up.  Left is left, unless blocked is up, unless blocked is down.

You'll either find wiggling to get to the Xs amusing or horribly frustrating. Enjoy.

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TagsPuzzleScript, snake, Sokoban


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This concept is very clever, but the first level with a pushing block is immensely difficult. There's nothing to imply that you CAN push the block.

Second level is literally impossible. Snake is 5 blocks long, and therefore literally can't lie on both squares simultaneously.

right x 9, left x 7

The second level is literally possible. I'm revoking your puzzle licence. BOOK'EM DANNO.

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In my defence, I didn't realize that the block was pushable or that blocks could cover those blue squares.


WHY?  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻