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very intersting game


Did you mean to name this SUPERROUGE? (It's amazing! Like my two favorite games, SUPERHOT and RougeLikes!)


Thank you. But I must be that guy and remind you that the original game is called Rogue. Not “rouge” which is a colour.

Each time you use the word rouge instead of rogue, a fairy spontaneously combusts. Please think before you speak. Careless talk costs lives.


Okay then.


then you've killed 2 fairys. they killed 2 fairys. 2+2=4. thats 4 dead fairys. and thats also murder. your also going to hell for your sins. 


Only the intent matters. Fairies are fine if you use the word rouge in any other context.

I will be visiting hell for different reasons.

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What do you mean "different reasons"? I thought you were the one to make a good game, not the who goes to hell...

wait you belive in fairys

Played on stream and was completely surprised. I've never played a game like this before (not because there's few of them but because I'm a bit sheltered) so this was a really good introduction for me (especially since I ended up playing Tiny Thief after it, which was very similar). IT'S DEFINITELY CHALLENGING. I'm not so good at puzzle games, though, so maybe it's just me. Thanks for the experience and for being gentle on introducing me to turn-based roguelikes.

keep working on it!

Great game-!

That's one hell of fun game :)