New Monsters

New animations for hitting things.

New monsters because the late game loop felt like it needed one extra thing. I originally made a 4 pointed spike encased in stone that would try to push you to death or become invulnerable when broken out of the stone. Bombs would be the only way to kill it. I even made extra monsters with bombs in to help out. Unfortunately it set the wrong mood. This game is about fighting, not running away. I scrapped the monster and came up with a new one.

The square monsters are called peons in the code. Now there's a big peon in the late game that will spawn 1 to 3 standard peons on death. It scores 1000 points, making it a prize to aim for after a big multiplier. With ample cover it's easy to fight, in the open you're spawning enough peons to trap you.

I kept the bomb monsters. They're kinda cool.

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