Big Update...

This update adds new art, new mechanics, and new sounds.

I still find this game addictive to test, even though its mechanics weren't very transparent. I've done what I can to make the game a bit easier to understand as well as adding new monsters to escalate the challenge in the late game.

Potions are probably the biggest new change, offering a quick way to escape or functioning as nodes on an especially complex combo route.

Still a bit more tuning to be done, then perhaps a mobile version.

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I am curious what kind of scores I should be aiming for? I like how you are dealing with the early game slow ramp by just making the ramp way faster.

100k upwards is good. A multiplier of x50 is generally essential, it turns normal rocks into gem-rocks.

I'm trying to add another hard enemy to the end game at the moment. Based on the "+" from Ending - it starts off in a wall and will push you to death. Hit it (1000pts) and it breaks down to a 4 sided spike you can only kill with a bomb (2000pts). Currently it's better to run away than engage so I have to add another monster - a friendly rock that's also a bomb. Aiming for high risk / reward, hopefully will make time outs a bit harder but not impossible.