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This is a pretty cool game! :D I enjoy the intricateness of the player's movement, allowing for getting out of tight situations, and all the interactions between objects are fun to initiate and watch unfold. My best after playing for 17ish minutes was 5015 and I'm eager to break that record. .u.

Aaaannnd 11910 after reading that stomped stuff gives half points and being more chaotic with setting off chain reactions! (Will leave it at that for score updating, just wanted to fulfill "great" status for 10000+)

I am having a ton of fun with this, it's exactly the type of arcade-y puzzle-y stuff I adore. Great work!

My best score so far has been 14705, but I'm sure I can do better than that.

That's a good score!

I think it beats what I had before I wiped my own score to test the "new best" fanfare :'(

Heh, yeah I'd love to know what other people are getting. The best I've managed to get has been 17460 now, but that involved a a fair bit of luck on golden worm spawns. I still haven't figured out what purpose regular worms serve, I can't tell if there's a secret function or if I'm just dumb and they don't do anything. 

But yeah, great project. I only have one complaint, and that's that I still can't tell which direction a drill is gonna go when I break the block, which makes them a chaos factor, and it's weird since everything else is so deterministic. 

After a couple of days of practice, I just got 18765. The only strategy I'm following is move forward as much as possible, stay as high as possible, activate as many bombs and drills as possible, kill gems when there's an easy opportunity, and then focus on gold worms once you get to them.


I've uploaded a small change so the drill blocks spawn showing the direction they will spawn a drill in.

May determinism reign.