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Great game, sadly I missed 4 secrets

I found that 420 causes the fence to say "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" and 0451 gives the status of the hover bag. Are there any other things that happen with the fence?


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Ok, I discovered 0123456789 gives a system diagnostic, 69 gives nice. The numbers in the history notes do something. I am disappointed that the number for the year of the last game (10191) does nothing

Are there any other things that happen with the fence?

Download the data.txt if you want all the spoilers.

Wow, this is really good so far! I'm stuck getting the secrets in the graveyard, though... I can't figure out the fence :(

Nevermind, I finished it! Awesome!

This is fantastic, definitely one of my new fave bitsy games!

Absolutely brilliant!!!!! Loved the whole series and loved the 3D new approach :) The Doctor Who references made me laugh out loud ;) 10/10 <3

Well done! This is the best use of Bitsy3D I've ever seen. The fence bit was particularly clever but, on the whole, this was a fantastic end to the Roomba Quest series, which sets such a high standard, not just for Bitsy games but for narrative puzzle games in general.