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Excellent! I loved all the little references and jokes!

Loved my ending

this is awesome

i re-played the whole game just to see what the blue ending was XD

...what was it

That was so fun! I love all the dialogue <3 


I loved it. thanks.

Sorry about your feet.

How do I get past the Quintwo level? I can't get out of the walls, find blender, etc. I'm officially stuck.

Thanks. But you're too late. I already got it from a YouTube walkthrough I told someone to do. He made one for the original Roomba Quest. How was I not able to see that hint? Maybe it was the way my scroll thing was positioned.

Got the red ending! That was a really fun game!

that was great, i got the blue ending. though i don't know if it matters. i'll have to play it through again.


Bravo! An unexpected treat to start the day.