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I did 11/11! Bravo!

this was sooooooooo cool and such a smart game!


Short, sweet, brilliant little arcade platformer!  So many cool mechanics packed into just 11 levels!  Nice work!!

I love this game and I found the ending strangely emotional. I am about to cry


simple n sweet <3


Fantastic game.



yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fun :D

Achei incrível este jogo.

Muito pequeno o arquivo, amo isso. Levei design brilhante, porém bem difícil já no início. Fez em qual game engine?

I found a soft lock:


Will be a while before I can redesign the puzzle.

Put a spike ball at the left end of that platform, right where the zooming beetle is in the pic? That way the player can reset that beetle if it gets stopped on the left side of the slideable block.

Adorable sprites! I think these types of slowish puzzly platformers feel great in Pico-8.

Boxes that I cannot push into spikes/unreachable location 5/5

Kinda think that these flat bugs shouldn't stop under spikes, level (3?) got unwinnable. Other than that, great game. :)

Oh wait, these spikes... Sharp only from top, they are... :P