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Android has changed. In order to get Ending on to Android I have to use a new 2048-RSA key. I've tried to get FlashDevelop to do otherwise but it won't play along. I don't think the SDK permits it any more. My resources for an ancient Flash game are limited.

This means I cannot maintain the app on Google Play. My customer's phones require the original key to update the app, that's the whole point of the key. I'm also getting reports of it crashing on the latest versions of Android. This doesn't affect my phone for some reason and it hasn't affected others for over 5 years. From my point of view it appears that Android is broken, not my game.

I've removed Ending from Google Play and uploaded a new build to made with Adobe Air 32 and a 2048-RSA key. Perhaps it will work for you if it currently didn't. It works on my phone, but that's not a guarantee.


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May 08, 2019

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I’m playing this game right now and its super fun.

I know you’ve moved on to a sequel, but I have some tiny suggestions.

Firstly, the page for this game is lacking any screenshots and I had no idea what I was even downloading, I think a little bit of work on the itch page would go a long way.

Lastly, I have an Android device with an integrated controller, and I’m having a problem. The controller works great in game, but for whatever reason there’s no controller support in the menus, so it would be impossible to play on a controller-only device for this reason.

If you would like to solve this problem yourself, you can find the source code for Ending here:

However, the tools for compiling it are difficult to find and no longer supported. Which is why I have no intention of modifying or recompiling the game myself.

I've just discovered the game, it's incredible thanks a lot for this gem, it runs perfectly on my ShiftOS phone

Hey I used to play this game a lot in the past, definitely one of the best puzzle games of the time. Unfortunately now when I downloaded the .APK the icon is weird, and when I verified the .APK it said it wasn't safe, what's up with that?

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Hey that version still works on my android. Thank you st33d ! 

(The Store version didn't)

The Play store build wouldn't launch for me, but this itch build does! Thanks! The only thing worth mentioning is it has the Adobe Air icon.

I couldn't be bothered to make hi res icons. Good to hear it's playable.