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An awesome turn-based space strategy.

It took me a while to figure out which block does what and which should go where, but after that, the rest was easy, except for an occassional fight with a 10-block miniboss.

So, here is my battleship, if you are curious:

I occasionally come across an invisible block that gets enemies stuck and stops bullets.  It sometimes destroys my entire ship if i ram into it. Is this a bug, or is it like a black hole of some sort?

It's a bug. I'm guessing I've messed up the ship spawning code and it mangles deploying it to the next chunk of map.

I'd like to fix it, but I've had 6 new ideas for blocks (tractor beam, slaver drill, support fighters, etc.), an idea for an open map with long range sensors, and some thoughts on a lunch break length campaign across hostile space.

After I've updated my previous game release I'll be able to risk going near the code.

I enjoyed how every move feels like it matters.

Although the learning curve is steep and I didn't get very far, the game play is rich in its simplicity.

Well made!

I really liked the blending between space shooter and roguelike mechanics in this.

The mechanics might be easier-learned if they were more spaced out, but that kind of stuff can be challenging for a jam submission.

Nicely done!

Using Chrome browser I had to enable "WebGL Draft Extensions" in chrome://flags/ to get the game to run.